*Soft jazz music in the background*

I’ve been a week here, in my Aunt’s place. It is a small town near Seattle, WA. Life here is completely different with what I had in L.A. To be honest, I kinda love this place more than that big busy city. The only problem is just that I couldn’t drive here, and there’s no way to get anywhere without driving here. Everything is just so far away.

But the biggest problem is I’m missing my baby so much! Yesterday, he just e-mailed me the biometric appointment sent by the USCIS (thank GOD!) with a short message “cepetan pulaaanngg”. ­čśÇ

The plan was┬áthis, when we got the letter, he’d book a flight here to join me for a short vacay and coming back home together to L.A. Couple of days ago, I was so worried (as always) because we hadn’t got any letter. I know I would definitely need to reschedule my flight back to Indo. But I have no idea, how long I should stay here until everything is settled and I get my AP done.

So, the biometric would be on May 31, as written on the paper. But I’ll try to go to the nearest service center to have my fingerprint taken on Monday. Hopefully, I can do it here so that I can push them to get my AP done ASAP. *finger crossed*

In a way, I really want to go back to Indo. On the other side, I know I’ll be damn missing him so much. But well.. October is coming soon anyway ­čÖé So yeah, I think I’ll just enjoy every single moment with him, and soon with my family and friends back in Jakarta.

A Hello from Los Angeles

I know I haven’t even visited my own writings for a year! LOL. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a thinker and there were several times that I wanted to write my anxieties here. But yeah, I kept postponing and eventually forgot about it until now, this pretty 16C morning at Westlake, Los Angeles.

Just before I wrote this, I read my previous one. And yes, I’ve made my way to U.S with Davis, now my lawful husband. I’m getting here with a fiance visa that got us married in Beverly Hills, last April 19. It was a quick ceremony followed by lunch for the two of us and one of Davis’ friend, Jimmy, who happened to be our witness.

Few weeks before the civil ceremony, we joined the Engaged Encounter weekend, a retreat for engaged couple as one of the “requirement” for getting married in Catholic Church. It was like an interactive marriage preparation class, which I have to say, it was fun, inspiring and of course making us closer to each other. And at the last night, we had our prayer together with the mentoring couple and it was so touching. We especially dedicated our prayer for Davis’ father, who passed away just 3 weeks before my departure to L.A. The mentoring couple, Dale and Maria, gave us blessings and said “from now on, take care of each other for the rest of your life.” :’)

That weekend truly strengthened us as a couple, and prepared us towards our marriage. And of course, the most important┬átake home message from the retreat was “Love is a Daily Decision”. Another thing that I won’t forget from this retreat is the letter Davis wrote for me at the end of the weekend. That truly reminded me of my biggest reason to take a further step in our relationship, that he has all the good will to make me happy.

As a married woman, I’ve been facing all the anxieties especially due to the adjustments that I need to make here. Apartment, job, finance and Adjustment of Status process. The last one couldn’t stress me out even more. We send our AoS package last week and haven’t heard anything from the USCIS. Meanwhile, I really need to go back to Indonesia, not just for work, but also for all of the wedding preparation. I haven’t even done fitting for my wedding dress! *Sigh..

Nevertheless, the man I have chosen to be my life companion does his part all the time. He always makes me feel loved even though I know that he’s as anxious as I am on our issues. And another thing, I couldn’t ask for a better husband than the one who’s willing to get up super early in the morning for work and still doing chores when he’s home without complaining. Thanks babe, I LOVE YOU so much.