Happy… :’)

I know the 2 previous post was quite miserable. But yes I did have a hard time to let go everything without questioning why God did let too many good things happen before He took it away. As a very logical person, actually this experience of being broken hearted was quite unbelievable. Yet I am now starting to see things from the bright side and I’m thankful to have such person in my life, and for all the sweet memories we had. And most of all, there’s actually a lot more to be thankful for..

When I was down (trust me, how cool I seemed to be, I’m still a woman with a fragile heart :p), my bestfriends support be in all possible ways they could. They had their ears for my story, just to let me get my desperation out. They cheered me. Even there’s time, when I was kinda down, I was working in the clinic and my boss saw there was something wrong with me. Out of concentration, not as cheerful as usual, etc. He asked me over and over til I told him briefly what was in my mind at that time. And guess what, he put a loud speaker to his laptop, played some songs, sang for me expressively. I actually don’t cry easily in this kind of sad situation (separation, losing special persons). So at first I was just laughing seeing him singing like a rockstar. But then, there were just some songs that made me have to hold my tears until he played this song and reached the refrain, I just couldn’t hold longer and burst into tears..

Just unbelievable. I had my tear over my love life in front of my boss which happened to be my prof. Hahaha… but he got me some tissue paper and said that it was just OK to let things out, so then I would be able to let things go too. 🙂 and it really worked. The next day, I came to the clinic and my boss noticed that I was a lot better than the previous few days. hahaha.. Also, Winna came just to see if I was OK and dropped me 2 boxes of instant hot chocolate, thought that I might need that. And guess what? I actually don’t need the hot chocolate to make me feel better. The thought my friends had for me and the thought I have in my mind that I have some priceless friendships really help me passing through the valley of darkness (ok, that phrase sounds a bit too dramatic :p)

And today, I went out with my boss and another friend from the clinic. We went karaoke in a place just few block from our clinic. We sang until we lost our voice. Had some beer. Danced. etc. Some songs definitely did bring my mind back to January 2013. But having those guys around made things way easier.

So in conclusion, I might longing for someone to be always by my side as a partner. And yes, I kept praying to meet that special someone someday. But, for now.. I think I’m quite blessed with such wonderful busy life. I have the chance of having postgrad training, have some good friends at school, also outside the school, and I have an awesome working environment where I can enrich my knowledge as an orthodontist to be as well as having mental support whenever I need.

Oh yeah, another important date I should write on this blog. Last friday, on 14 June 2013, I saw my first formal orthodontic patient at school. A nice 13 y.o girl. And this week, I might see another 2 or 3 new patient. I haven’t started the treatment yet as I still have to analyze the data, x-rays, impressions, and photos to make the diagnosis and treatment plan (which I should discuss with my prof and get the approval to start the treatment). I have to say that I’m quite excited to start working in the university hospital 🙂


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