These few days..

have reminded me of how powerless I am..

There are always things beyond my control

no matter how hard I studied, sometimes the mark wasn’t as I expected

no matter how much I want my favorites to stay around me, they just don’t..

no matter how we try to protect our environment, flood and many extreme weather changes still happen (well, we can say that it’s kinda a bit too late though).

and.. no matter how good I have been with my friends (esp the ones in my circles), an overly excited joke can ruin the friendship. In this case, no matter how I apologize and try to fix it, the forgiveness is beyond my control as well.

Those disappointments, boredom, struggles, unanswered prayers, etc questioned me and almost stopped me of being me at my best. But I realized that they might be a reminder from our beloved Lord to keep the hope and faith while doing the best we can be. That the things which are beyond our control, should we leave them in HIS hands. and I’m trying to believe that when things are not as we expected, it’s because HE has better and more beautiful plan for us.

Miracle is believing that HE will turn the impossible ones to possible. 🙂


*this is me making a note to myself tonight.

do more, give more,  forgive more

BUT.. expect less in return

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