Merry Christmas 2012

There’s just a week left for 2012.. and it’s Christmas today. I would love to thank HIM for all the miracles and blessings that He has given me throughout the year…

I have to say that it has been a wonderful year for me… first half of the year, He gave me chances of working holidays in the most exotic place I’ve ever been (Buin Batu Clinic, Newmont, Sumbawa). He also gave me the courage to have an extended stay in the beautiful Gili Terawangan in Lombok. While in the same time, I could prepare myself for the Orthodontic Residency Program test well enough.. and I was accepted.

The 2nd half of the year, my life has been mainly as an orthodontic student. And it was great too. New friends, another new environment and new challenge. Though I have to say that I’ve been frustrated sometimes, I thank HIM for bringing me to it and through it so far.. 🙂

And Lord, I also want to thank you for all the families and friends that have given me care , love and support throughout the year. Also for some new good friends, thank YOU so much. Not to mention that for almost the entire of the year, You have that closest one for me 🙂 *well I guess he’s always there in every single moment in my life recently 🙂

And also, thank YOU for giving our family a chance to take care of grandpa in his last months of life. Thank YOU too for having us be in this family with grandpa and his thoughts. Merry Christmas Opa! :))

So much blessings that I might not deserve it as I’m a sinner, so in this miraculous day I really want to express my gratitude which I know can’t compare to those beautiful things You’ve given to me…

Happy Birthday my Dearest Savior, Best Friend, GOD, Lord Jesus

Merry Christmas to you all… 


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