Sweet treats of tonight

I was a bit hungry like an hour ago and thought about how nice a cup of hot tea with TimTam would be. -_- (don’t mention my weight loss program now)

And I just wanna say, those sweet treats brought back the sweet memories of T.120, a nice jungle home in Borneo. It was quite often that me and my housemate went to the commissary to buy TimTam, ice creams, or any other fattening product (which absolutely you guys can see how those product gave a damn long lasting effect up to now -_- ). And one night, a friend taught us a way to enjoy TimTam – bite a bit in each of 2 corners, and suck the tea with the TimTam. It was so much fun at that time, we tried with our own tea and TimTam and didn’t successfully manage to do so as the hot tea definitely melted the cookies even before we could feel the tea flow into our mouth. However, the soften TimTam tastes so great 🙂

And I just had it tonight. And this thing really brought back the sweet memories I’m missing so much of my jungle life and friends in Borneo. Was such a great retreat there. 🙂

TimTam and Jasmine Tea

definitely bring back the sweet memory of T.120 🙂
FUN and Tasty … Give it a try! 😉

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