New life is about to begin

My closest friends would clearly tell you what my dream as a dentist is and how I’ve been working so hard for that dream. To be an ORTHODONTIST. Well, it means I have to be accepted as a graduate student of orthodontic program in the dental school. And they know too that I wouldn’t even try for the 2nd best although I failed in Universitas Indonesia last year. I always think that UI is the best regardless the gossips and intrigues I’ve heard before. I was graduated from UI’s dental school which is considered as the best University in Indonesia, and I just read a news that it’s actually the only University in Indonesia that is included in World’s 300 Top Universities. So, even though the competition’s considered to be the most difficult among the other public university in Indonesia (even more for its orthodontic program), I didn’t have any slight thought to enroll myself to another place. Call me crazy (some pessimistic opinions outside my circle), but for me it’s UI Orthodontic Graduate Program or not at all (stay as GP).

I remember how hard it was to gain the spirit back after failing the test last year. I mean, I actually don’t know in which part I failed, the only thing I know I didn’t make it to secure a seat in the class of 2011. But then I kept telling myself to do my very best for this year, see if GOD really want me to be there, and if not then this was my last attempt. If I didn’t make it again, I’d seriously define myself as a GP forever and be really good at it.

There were 4 days of tests and today is the official announcement of the result. And I-Did-It!! I didn’t expect as much as I did last year (coz I know I’d be good whatever the result is, and yea.. I’m pretty sure that He got a better plan than mine anyway)… but yeaaahh… I make it for this year!! Yaayy.. of course I’m so so so happy for that. And I thank HIM very much for the spirit, the supports from the beloved ones surround me during all of the preparation, for the last amazing 1 year that make me to be a better and more confident person I am now.

Per Angusta Ad Augusta

Through Trial to Triumph


Sunday morning has always been my time to go to the church after coming back home from my working trip. So, I kneeled in the church this morning to thank Him for everything. And it was like a flash back movie playing in my mind, remembering how miserable I was, kneeling in the same place last year. There was time that I came to the church almost everyday, to have a very private moment with God, cried myself mainly for my relationship problems and search for the inner peace which obviously didn’t come easily. But now I look back at those experiences, the lost I had last year, and be endlessly grateful seeing His amazing, unexpected and beautiful works on my life :’)

So… thank You GOD a bunch!!!!


Laurensia Limas, DDS – Graduate student of 2012 Orthodontic Residency Program, Universitas Indonesia 😀

Go the Distance (from the movie ‘Hercules’)

a whole week to Go the Distance 🙂

I have often dreamed of a far off place
Where a hero’s welcome, would be waiting for me
Where the crowds will cheer, when they see my face
And a voice keeps saying, this is where I’m meant to be

I’ll be there someday, I can go the distance
I will find my way, if I can be strong
I know every mile, will be worth my while
When I go the distance, I’ll be right where I belong

Down an unknown road to embrace my fate
Though that road may wander, it will lead me to you
And a thousand years, would be worth the wait
It might take a lifetime, but somehow I’ll see it through

And I won’t look back, I can go the distance
And I’ll stay on track, no, I won’t accept defeat
It’s an uphill slope, but I won’t lose hope
Till I go the distance, and my journey is complete

But to look beyond the glory is the hardest part
For a hero’s strength is measured by his heart

Like a shooting star, I will go the distance
I will search the world, I will face its harms
I don’t care how far, I can go the distance
Till I find my hero’s welcome, waiting in your arms

I will search the world, I will face its harms
Till I find my hero’s welcome, waiting in your arms

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