Indomie Seleraku

Nearly everybody knows that I’ve gained quite a few weight since I started to work for ISOS last year. And even though I’m no longer staying in the mining site (which food can be considered 5 stars), I still haven’t managed to lose any pound in Jakarta.

So this past 2 months, I’m trying my best to put myself into a healthy life style of regular exercising and healthy diet. I tried to cut “simple carbs” off from my diet, e.g rice and instant noodles. Instead I have oats or wheat bread for the carbs portion in my dish. We, Indonesians, live with rice ever since we were able to take solid food. And surprisingly, I’m not craving for rice that much.

BUT, just this afternoon, I found myself enjoying the most tastiest instant noodle on earth. Yes… Indomie. Aaarrgghh..!! So this is the one that ruin my diet… :p


*this was the exact variant I just had -_-

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