Some words popped out from the thought of instability..

The past few days, I’ve been involved in quite a few discussions with a friend about how more or less we’re put in kinda same situation of instability, esp when we’re looking outside the window of our friends getting themselves settled in whatever way you can think about (school, job, career, partnership, etc). There’s a sort of insecure feeling that we both feel whenever we’re thinking of our present stage of life.

Well, classically speaking, GOD has His own time to make things beautiful, and what He asks from us is just to wait patiently. Heard that many times, Tried to keep that thought as much as possible. But still I’m just a weak 😦

Few random thoughts came into my mind this morning and the point of me sharing them here is not because I’m stronger or wiser now. I’m actually trying to hypnotize myself, to keep control over my worries. So here they are

Some people are just born with easy life to live. They’re born in rich family, sent to the best school their parents can afford, have the intelligence they need to get good grades at school, get the scholarships, graduate, get good jobs, afford their annual super fun vacations, settle down with loving partner and adorable kids, name it, all the dreamy life we all want to have. I’ve been told that EVERY single person in this world has his/her own struggle and drama regardless how beautiful his/her life seems to be. I’ve also read some biographies of success people who gain success after horrible times in their life. The common thing those people possess is the big faith. Faith in God (religiously speaking) and faith in themselves.

So I am now speaking to myself (and just shared it to my friend) that “IF I have to wait for HIS perfect timing, I am the ONE who’s responsible to make the waiting time ENJOYable and WORTHwhile.”

This too will pass 🙂

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