Mum’s thingy

It was actually 2 days ago that I had this thought. I always know that it’s not easy at all to be a mum. But when I visited a friend who just gave her premature baby boy birth 3 days ago due to pre-eclamsia during pregnancy, then I truly know that being-mommy stuff was a big deal. She suffered during her last few months of pregnancy of hypertension, malaise, almost zero energy, etc. And when I visited her, she hasn’t even met her 1,7 kgs baby (which was very small, and the baby’s still taken care in an incubator in the special care unit).

When I shared this to another friend who happen to be a 9 months year old baby girl mum, she said yes it wasn’t easy at all. She was dealing with her baby’s prediction of having Down syndrome in a certain month of her pregnancy and the doctor even suggested her to terminate the pregnancy. But she did believe that prayers would bring miracle. And yeah, she gave birth a healthy beautiful baby girl. So she told me, every mum, every parents have to be ready to face such various problems. And she believed that my first friend would be doing well this time.

And, back to me…

My parent’s have been going for a 3D/2N retreat held by the church. My sick grandpa’s staying with us. So it has to be me playing mum’s role in the house as she’s away. Grandpa’s suffering stomachache since last week (we took him to see an internal medicine on monday).

Well.. anyway.. I was the one doing the cooking stuff today. It run quite well I believe until this afternoon Grandpa complained more ache in his stomach which I guessed because he had late lunch (he was asleep on lunch time, that supposed to be 12). Just a little bit down when he said that the steamed rice was not soft enough. Luckily he said nothing about the omelet and the steamed chicken livers. I don’t know he didn’t complain about them or it was me hurrying myself to my room writing this so that I didn’t listen.


The bottom line is it’s not easy to be a mum at all. After all the sufferings.. doing housing jobs as well as possible, still there’s a possibility of being complained by the other members of the family. So I guess, we do really have to appreciate every little thing that mum’s doing everyday and stop complaining.


PS (to my mum)

I love you so much Mum… enjoy your retreat! I’d really love to say come back soon, but I know you need such short getaway as well. So, no complaint here… 🙂

2 comments on “Mum’s thingy

  1. Amelia says:

    Ternyata loe ngeblog juga.. Hello! Ehehehe 😀

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