This Easter – 2012

This season might be the weirdest Easter ever since we’re not going to the church together and Mom even doesn’t go to the church at all.

This is all because Grandpa has been hospitalized since Sunday Palm. I just came back from Newmont on Saturday, and I was waken up on very early sunday morning with a phone call from uncle telling us Grandpa’s having bad diarrhea since saturday night. So we decided to take him to the hospital.

By that, we has been going to the hospital everyday to keep him company.

This is not the best easter season after all. This season was filled by sorrow, arguments and so many other emotional problems. But here, I’m not going to talk about the bad sides of Opa’s being hospitalized.

I saw that this is HIS good plan of gathering us together as a family. I’ve never had chance to serve Opa before. We were close when i was still a very little girl. I remember I spent quite a number of nights with my grandparents as both of my parents were working at that time. Quite often too, they take me for vacation out of town. But as i’m growing up, we’re not that close anymore. My family live quite far from them, about 30mins driving (without traffic jam), so we used to visit them once in every 2 weeks.

As far as I know, grandpa was a stubborn and dominant old man. When he was healthy, it was quite hard to communicate with him as most of the time he had his own way of thinking that couldn’t be disrupted by others.

During his first days staying in the hospital, we were quite frustrated due to his physical condition (of having blood in his stool, nausea, vomiting desire, dizziness, low hemoglobin rate, chronic kidney disease, etc) as well as his psychological condition (he protested to GOD for why did He give this sickness to him). Not only with him, as we all wanted the best for Grandpa, we often involved in unnecessary arguments among us.

But these few days, things are getting better. Physically I can see grandpa’s getting healthier (although i have to say that he’s having a slow healing process). And most of all, he’s happier now. We often see him laughing and he become a warm grandpa as I used to remember when I was a kid. And honestly, this really touched my heart every time I devoted myself to serve him, putting his socks on, feeding him, sitting on his bed listening to his stories, helping him when he wants to go to the toilet, carrying the IV fluid and getting it right in the toilet or beside his bed. Those every small things really touched my heart.

This easter season, we spent most of our time in the hospital. But one thing I know now, GOD made it happen for a reason. Through his sickness, grandpa’s opening his heart way better than weeks before. Through his sickness, we have all the chances to do good to him, serve him (as when he’s healthy we don’t have such chance), and share more personal talks with him. He’s now way better in accepting his condition of having diseases as well as aging process.

Most of all, on this season, HE made me understand more about faith, love and forgiveness. Easter has really been a true celebration of Love for our family.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, should not perush, but have everlasting life..”

Jesus gave the model of serving each other on Holy Thursday (during HIS last supper) and He gave us the chance to prove it as His followers. Jesus gave the model of being surrender to Father when we’re suffering  and taught us to forgive those who trespass against us on Good Friday, He challenged us to accept this sorrow faithfully and forgive all the arguments. And as Jesus raised from the death on Easter, we were blessed to celebrate it by seeing good progress of grandpa’s condition (esp for he’s gaining his spirit back) and being able to feel the warmth of loving each other as one family.


Happy Easter folks 🙂