Mom’s 57th Birthday (March 11, 2012)

Today is Mom’s birthday…

I started the day by going to the church with both of my parents for the sunday morning service. Both of my parents joined the mass as the communion ministers. So they sat in the 1st row and I sat few rows behind. There’s a moment when the priest and the ministers came into the church in the introduction part, I felt some kind of pride to have both of my parents there, healthily serving God. It was years ago when I was a teenager, I served as an altar girl with my sister, and I can imagine how proud my parents were, seeing their daughter serving GOD like that. And now, it’s their turn… 😀

According to Grandma’s current condition (she fell from the bed and got one of her ribs broken), it wasn’t possible for us to go out having a big family lunch as usual. So we just bought boxes of Bangka noodles and brought it to uncle’s house where grandma’s staying. In my imagination, it should be a humble descent gathering we would have there. I was just a little bit surprised that grandma’s sickness likely threw away the joy of celebrating mom’s birthday. She’s a little bit more sensitive due to her condition, sometimes keep saying that she’s giving up. And everything was getting even worse when grandpa’s came with his paranoid thinking. :$

So, right after leaving uncle’s house, I thought of how poor my mom was to have no joy in celebrating her day. I discussed with my sister, since actually we had planned setting her up for a nice dinner together just the 4 of us (mom, dad, me and my sis) and we decided to take her and Dad to Din Tai Fung, a chinese restaurant located in Mall of Indonesia, Kelapa Gading. My mom used to be a pennywise wife and mother. This restaurant must be quite pricey in her opinion. So, here was the scenario. My sis and I booked the table and ordered the food before our parents arrived in the restaurant. So that she didn’t have to see the menu with the price tag next to every dishes pictures and descriptions :p. It’s us, the daughters, who paid for the dinner 😀

But the point is not I want to overrated myself nor my sister for generously taking her to that restaurant. Yes it was quite pricey comparing to some other chinese restaurant we went to before. But the important thing was how to see mom and dad enjoy the dinner very much. They praised the food several times. They ate quite a lot and I can see they enjoyed the taste. And most of all, they’re happily smiling and thanking us for the dinner. And all of us went home gratefully for the day.

Just a lil bit flash back, I went to a “viewing ceremony” of the late Timo’s father last night. It was the priest who gave speech about what we, as the family, supposed to do to show our love to each other. It has to be done when the person’s still alive, because there’s no expression of love required anymore when somebody we love passed away.

So here we are, enjoying every single moment, giving our best for our beloved grand parents and parents. Just a simple expression of love, but I do really hope they feel our love, feel appreciated of so much love they’ve given since we were born, and most of all, feel the indescribable warmth in their heart, as what we feel deep inside our hearts when we see them smiling happily :). Time’s ticking, do whatever we can do before it’s too late 😉 

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