My 26th Birthday

Hello again,

Today I turned 26.. This is my first birthday without boyfriend after several years being in a relationship with someone. Before, I was kinda having pessimist thought of having a great birthday without him. In my imagination: Birthday, Saturday night .. supposed to spend with at least a crush if not a boyfriend.

To be honest, I was praying to spend this day with someone. But again, HIS plan is not mine and I believe that HIS is beyond of my most wilder wish. So, today.. I was busy replying those birthday wishes that comes from relatives and friends. I spent the whole day with my loving family. Greeted by warm wishes from mom, sis and dad this morning, we went out having lunch in Ikousha, the ramen restaurant just opened in Kelapa Gading few months ago. Everyone was happy today with that decent celebration. Then we went to the church for the evening service.

The most important thing I wanna share here is that having this birthday without someone special that usually related to boyfriend or crush was not that bad. Actually I was very happy and enjoy this day very much. All the prayers they gave me were the best gifts of all. I feel so blessed surrounded by those people and it’s like GOD Himself pouring me much more love through them. đŸ™‚

So on this birthday, if before I was wishing and begging HIM badly to spend it with someone, I make up my mind and make another wish to GOD.

  1. Help me to have bigger FAITH in You, to believe that YOU love me endlessly and unconditionally, and YOU always have a bigger and nicer plan that I could never imagine. Bigger FAITH too so that I can surrender to YOU and worry less about everything happened, is happening and will happen in my life.
  2. Bless those who always love me unconditionally, Mom, Dad, Sis, and don’t forget my best friends. They’re the one who always there to support me even in my worst condition.

And… that’s it, Happy Birthday to me :D… Can’t wait for amazing days of being 26-years-old

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