A visit to an orphanage

On monday, Dec 26, 2011, I and my other 3 friends (stanley, yohana and vina) from VTO (Vina Tanudjaja Organization) made a visit to an orphanage located in Cipayung, East Jakarta. My first impression about this place was “they don’t need help”. That thought even got stronger when we met somebody in the office telling us that the orphanage is owned by the local government (social department) which absolutely should have regular financing from the government. But even though the tax department of this country campaigns a lot about why we should pay our taxes, ┬áthe woman we met here told us that mostly they rely on personal donation rather than regular financing from the government itself. They don’t even know where the money goes to. ­čśŽ

The orphanage we visited occupies around 70 children of ┬ápre-elementary ages (under 5 years old). That woman (I guess she was one of the worker who take care of the children, paid by the government but not a government employee) showed us around. Sadly until the end of our visit, there’s no one who’s in charge in the office came yet! There are 3 big rooms in that building, the infants room (0-6 months), babies room (6 months – 1.5 years), and kids room (1.5 – 5 years). There are 2 special needs children taken care there, an autistic girl (3 years old) and mentally retarded boy (3 years old) which placed in the babies room. Of course they haven’t got any special treatment they need yet.

I was very lucky to have a chance of getting into the babies room. I always love babies and interact with them. There was a moment when I met a baby boy named Donny. He’s a cute baby boy, chubby, fair skinned and has a big dark eyes. I greeted him, touched him and there came a miraculous moment when he looked back at me, smiled, laughed with me and GRAB my hand as if he’s saying “Hi auntie.. Would you play with me?”. He touched me physically and heartedly as well. He made me forget my first impression I elaborated in the first paragraph of this writing. These kids absolutely need us in the matters of finance, groceries, and most of all, love and attention. Thank to the social worker of the orphanage who’s taking care of them with love and compassion.

After the visit, I wonder what came into their parents’ mind when leaving them in the hospital, in front of the orphanage or even worse in the trash bin (The woman told us there was a baby found crying because he was bitten by hundreds of ants in the trash). Yes they do have babies from mentally disordered or abusive parents which were acceptable excuses of leaving those children into government care. But what about poverty and irresponsible sex before marriage? These babies and children are innocent. They’re just being unlucky abandoned by the parents and our corrupt government.

So, we decided to help this orphanage in the form of:

  • Formulated Milk (Frisian Flag) for 0 – 5 years old children.
  • Medications
  • Biscuit and food for babies
  • Used clothes for 0-5 years old children
  • Diapers
  • Milk bottles
  • Mattress
  • Money (which can be transfered to Vina Tanudjaja’s BCA account #527 0906 500). We will convert the money into the products I mentioned above to ensure everything will go to the poor children.

If you would like to join us and contribute, should you contact:

  • Vina : 0818 082 67457 / BB pin: 20F5C69E
  • Pio: 0817 980 2766
  • Stanley: 082 111 079 779
  • Yohana: 0819 730 77 900

You can give your donation until January 27, 2012. The exact date of giving donation to the orphanage hasn’t decided yet but we planned it to be in the end of January 2012. Every donation will be noted and reported back to you. We will inform you when the charity event will be held if any of you want to visit the orphanage with us.