November 5, 2011

Sitting lazily on the couch in the living room, with the music playing from the DVD player, raining heavily outside, waiting for the driver to fetch me and drive me to Swarga Bara Clinic..

I’m really having my life here. Today is my off day. From the morning, here are my activities: had breakfast in the messhall, chatted with winna through skype, surfed, then went to the gym, met the first lady of KPC there, swam 4laps before it started to rain, went back home, had self body scrub, did the make up, and now sit here and write this article.

Few days ago, i just heard the updates about my ex. Well, some people asked about it and surprisingly I thought it was just more annoying rather than hurting. Thanks GOD at least I didn’t feel so much hurted with the news. Moreover, by breaking up with him, I’ve got this great chance of working with SOS team in Sangatta, meeting new people, new environment which nice, and have this high quality peaceful life here in Sangatta. The kind of life that’s obviously we couldn’t have in Jakarta (with those stressful traffic and polution).

GOD really have a plan of getting me into this situation. HE’s really making me a better person each day. One thing that I noticed myself improved was my English speaking skill. Since I find myself work with the expat doctor, have the locum advisor as my friend too, unconciously I trained myself to be more fluent in speaking English. Sometimes maybe it’s not right grammatically, but the other good thing is that now I sometimes speak the words that I haven’t had before in my dictionary. I realize that sometimes I substitute some words to others that sounds much more..”advanced”. Hehehehe…

So, this is really a much better life. And why should I regret the “bad” things just happened to me? Those stuff even bring me closer to the future that’s prepared so well for me by HIS grace.

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