First day in Sangata: 09.09.11

Today is my first day being in Sangatta, East Borneo. My flight was 5:45 AM and I thought it was a joke when the SOS operator told me to be there at 4:30 AM. She (Regina) didn’t joke! When I arrive there at 5 AM, the queue was super long. So it was a lot of rush to catch the flight. Thanks GOD, finally I made it to sit inside 2 minutes before the departing schedule!

When I arrived in Balikpapan after 2 hours flight, there was a man called himself “Babeh” from the SOS accompany me and arrange the cassa (small plane) incidental seat for me. For this thing, I really should give two thumbs up to SOS for their amazing management not to leave me alone without any guidance in this completely new-remote place.

So, fortunately, I can fly to Sangatta with the cassa (AirFast). It was 45 minutes flight. The cassa was like inter-city flight for the island like Borneo. Small plane with capacity of 20 passenger. The air conditioner wasn’t as good as the commercial plane of course. So, the funniest thing I noticed during the flight was the pilot weaping his sweat.  :D. But the other amazing thing was, I could freely see the cockpit room. Awesome!

Then I arrived in a very small airport in Tanjung Bara. The airport was bloody traditional. Ha3. But again, the scenery was AWESOME! Feels like landing in a managed forrest. And the SOS driver was already there to pick me up and drive me to my residence to drop off my baggage before going to the clinic.

Then I went to the clinic in Swarga Bara. There I met Agi. She introduced me the clinic and the people. There’s soooo many employment there so that I doubt myself I can remember each name. The management system is quite complicated for me. But I do really believe I’ll learn a lot here. So I really thank HIM for the chance He gave me to work here.

Well, I was very excited when I arrived here. In the other hand, passing this day left me with inconfidence. Hhhffftt… Hopefully I can work well here.

My residence is in Tanjung Bara. I live here with the other dentist, drg. Arie. She’s a very nice person. She shared almost all things I should know and she remembered. 😀

The house itself is a woody building surrounded with pines. Like a bungalow. Again, the scenery was great. During the way back home, Arie told me that there’s still squirrels and monkeys in the neighbourhood. Hahaha… Inside the house, they provide air-conditioner not only in the bedroom but also in the living room! Cool isn’t it?

Alright, I have to sleep now so that I can wake up early in 6 AM tomorrow, to start another challenging day here! I’ll try to observe as much as I can… Wish me luck!

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