First day in Sangata: 09.09.11

Today is my first day being in Sangatta, East Borneo. My flight was 5:45 AM and I thought it was a joke when the SOS operator told me to be there at 4:30 AM. She (Regina) didn’t joke! When I arrive there at 5 AM, the queue was super long. So it was a lot of rush to catch the flight. Thanks GOD, finally I made it to sit inside 2 minutes before the departing schedule!

When I arrived in Balikpapan after 2 hours flight, there was a man called himself “Babeh” from the SOS accompany me and arrange the cassa (small plane) incidental seat for me. For this thing, I really should give two thumbs up to SOS for their amazing management not to leave me alone without any guidance in this completely new-remote place.

So, fortunately, I can fly to Sangatta with the cassa (AirFast). It was 45 minutes flight. The cassa was like inter-city flight for the island like Borneo. Small plane with capacity of 20 passenger. The air conditioner wasn’t as good as the commercial plane of course. So, the funniest thing I noticed during the flight was the pilot weaping his sweat.  :D. But the other amazing thing was, I could freely see the cockpit room. Awesome!

Then I arrived in a very small airport in Tanjung Bara. The airport was bloody traditional. Ha3. But again, the scenery was AWESOME! Feels like landing in a managed forrest. And the SOS driver was already there to pick me up and drive me to my residence to drop off my baggage before going to the clinic.

Then I went to the clinic in Swarga Bara. There I met Agi. She introduced me the clinic and the people. There’s soooo many employment there so that I doubt myself I can remember each name. The management system is quite complicated for me. But I do really believe I’ll learn a lot here. So I really thank HIM for the chance He gave me to work here.

Well, I was very excited when I arrived here. In the other hand, passing this day left me with inconfidence. Hhhffftt… Hopefully I can work well here.

My residence is in Tanjung Bara. I live here with the other dentist, drg. Arie. She’s a very nice person. She shared almost all things I should know and she remembered. 😀

The house itself is a woody building surrounded with pines. Like a bungalow. Again, the scenery was great. During the way back home, Arie told me that there’s still squirrels and monkeys in the neighbourhood. Hahaha… Inside the house, they provide air-conditioner not only in the bedroom but also in the living room! Cool isn’t it?

Alright, I have to sleep now so that I can wake up early in 6 AM tomorrow, to start another challenging day here! I’ll try to observe as much as I can… Wish me luck!

D-2 before my departure to KPC


Here’s an update from me. I was officially accepted as a locum dentist in SOS international. My job would be replacing dentists off charge in the mining site. Yes, I’ll work in the mining site as a dentist, or more commonly here we called it “company’s doctor” a.k.a “dokter perusahaan”.

Many people who hear the news look at me weirdly and ask “is this the way you escape after the bad things that happened to you recently?”. Well, I might say “maybe yes maybe no”. I applied SOS long before the “day of finalization” (my close friend would understand this well :D). I also applied another dental clinics and hospitals. But right away after that day, SOS was the only one who gave me the call to do the interview. Wow. What a coincidence! It’s like GOD is arranging a new chapter in my book of life. And also, he helped me to get out from the moody stage by giving me another business to think. And thank HIM too, they accepted me and gave me my first 3 months contract in KPC (Kaltim Prima Coal). So, here I am.. waiting for my departure. 🙂

Here’s the thing that I’m going to tell you readers.. Maybe you’ve heard this phrase thousand times. “When HE closed a door, HE will open another ones for you.” I didn’t really understand the meaning that that moment. I just felt and concentrated on the lost. But now, I do realize that the phrase is completely true. When I was graduated, GOD put me in a relationship with a man that gave me the very great chance of practice and knowing senior dentist like Dr. Bobby. I did have priceless experiences in these 2 years, meeting patients, doctors, sharing knowledge, and so many more.  Now, I think He is saying “OK Laura, I’ll give you another place to learn because you’ve learned enough here.”

So here I am. The new me, who’s willing to walk faithfully step by step in HIS path. The path that He prepared for me. The new path that I believe, will lead me to a better life so someday I’ll tell all the people I know, “Never give up, keep surrender. He will make everything’s beautiful in HIS time.”