Touched by a “sorry” for a simple imperfection

This is my status on BBM. I put that status right after receiving text message from my mom.

I just had my lunch before lunch time and I found nothing was wrong except the fried squid that kind of hard to chew. But the lunch that my mom prepared this morning is totally fine.

And I receive this text message: Ci dah makan? cumi tadi mami ga goreng lagi, kalo alot ga ush dmkn. nti digoreng lg d rmh.

I replied: Iya udh makan. alot banget. senam sendi rahang.

And mom replied back: he he, sorry ya ci, salah mami ga goreng lg td pagi, klu sisa bw plg aja nti digoreng lg drmh.

And right after that, I felt really touched by my mom. She apologized me for giving me a portion of not-chrunchy-enough squid? In the other hand, she woke up every morning to serve the family, so if there’s any imperfection, we won’t bother anyway.. We can’t even thank her enough for all she has done for the family.

I feel really loved. Maybe I was tearing for losing love of my life before. But here, I always have a very great family who continuously support me to go through this sad breaking up condition. There was my father with his wise words and also my mother who always give me unconditional love and care no matter how bad I treated them before to keep my arguments about my relationship. And also there’s my sister who maybe seems not to really care about this issue but she always there to cheer me up in her own way. I really have a great family and if I don’t break up or experience this horrible situation, I wouldn’t realize how priceless they are.

My friend ever said to me, losing something/someone means you’ll grab more things.. great things! :’)

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