Love doesn’t have to possessed

There’s a very common phrase in Bahasa: “cinta tidak harus memiliki”.  I don’t know whether sentence above (in the title) is the right translation in English or not. But anyway, it’s the subject I’m going to write now.

Love and possession… Months ago maybe I’d look sarcastically to those who take that statement for themselves. If you love something, you’ll do whatever it takes to make that something yours. How about someone? I bet you’ll struggle more to make him/her your life-sharing partner. Who doesn’t want to be with someone beloved and crave a fairytale story for the rest of our life?

But after experiencing it myself, being in a very complicated relationship, asking GOD if he’s the one or not, being loved and abandoned, maybe I’m becoming a more realistic person now. True love story is not a fairy tale. Maybe you thought you already found your prince, maybe there was time that you were so sure that he’s the one GOD sent you to be your forever companion, and maybe one day you doubt that too. And I finally found myself with this thought. The common statement that I used to laughed sarcastically before was not wrong! Love doesn’t have to possessed IF you are not sure enough the one you love, love you back and will take full responsibility to take care of you for the rest of your life. Marriage is a real damn serious matter. For me, once you swear in front of the GOD that you’ll love him/her till death do you apart, it’s a sort of point of no return, and of course no matter what happen, those who united by GOD cannot be separated. So, if you see that your loved one can’t respect you in any way, why should you force yourself to struggle for something called LOVE? Have heard another famous phrase “it takes two to tango”? Your love alone is not enough. Marriage needs 2 person with the same level of love and respect to be together, to struggle throughout their life.

One of my favorite author ever tweeted “love and suffers can’t be together”. So, if you find yourself suffered, why should you force yourself to possess or be possessed him/her? My Lord ever said, love other like you love YOURSELF. So He directed us to love ourselves first before others. But one thing we have in mind too is that self-love isn’t the same with selfishness.

Well, I’m writing this not to teach others but myself. I feel like I’m advising myself with this writing. And for those who’s experiencing the same, let’s struggle together for our own happiness. 🙂 We deserve to be happy!! (as long as we don’t hurt anyone of course. Karma happens darling!)

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