Something popped up in my mind while listening to Chopin

If you live in Jakarta, you’ll know exactly that we have one of the craziest traffic in the world. I can even say that we’re driving through jam almost everyday. So, like other problems in our life, it’s really our choice of how to react with the situation. Today, like many other days before, I chose to enjoy the jam with one of my favorite composer, Chopin. Well, after half way of listening to the local radio that played songs which make the day even hotter. I don’t know why, but sometimes I feel pop songs nowadays aren’t as good as what we had back in the 90s. Some of the songs drive me to a more pathetic thoughts of my problems. I don’t know how can they accidentally accentuate our condition, moreover they play it on and on for days and even weeks. So, those songs, plus the hot weather of Jakarta, and the jam… mixed up together and drove me to a terrible feeling of… anger if I might say? (in bahasa: pokoknya bawaannya jadi emosi dah!)

Then, I turned on a CD that has been in my CD player for quite a long time. A nocturne album of Chopin. My ex gave it to me. And as the piano playing, my bad emotions started to fade away. And by that time, I really think that classical music was really a great solution of enjoying the traffic jam. Well, here’s the explanation I’ve been thought during my way to the clinic. Classical music, or maybe I can say most instrumental music a.k.a music with NO word, leads us to a very honest feeling that we feel at that time. I can say it’s like a contemplation. It’s the time to make a quality time with our best friend in the world, OURSELVES. The same melody can bring a happy smile or sad tear on your face, depends on your mood at the time you listen to it. Moreover, the composer geniously combine many contrasting emotions harmoniously in a piece! Just like our life. Good or bad, happy or sad moments, GOD arrange them together to create a harmonious symphony in our life. In conclusion, those instrumental music don’t force any form of emotions and thoughts to our mind and heart. They really release us to feel what we want to feel, to enjoy everything’s happening in that certain time. This is the point we can’t get from the songs with words. 😀

So I think, I’d better put more classical CDs in my car tomorrow. J

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